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Thinking of trying contact lenses but afraid you wont be able to wear them?  Our office guarantees that you will be able to wear them or we will buy them back.  We will teach you how to get them in and out, assess your vision, make sure that the fit is correct, and let you wear them home.  Then we will decide if they are for you.


Contact lenses, when worn properly, are extremely comfortable.  Most of the time you will hardly know they are there.  Many people choose contact lenses for their every day vision correction and have glasses for back-up.  Many glasses wearers have special activities where they would rather not wear glasses.  Contacts are perfect for these occasions.



Soft Contact Lenses


Soft contact lenses are made of a material that absorbs a certain amount of water that makes them soft and flexible.  This makes the lens easy to adapt to and comfortable on the eye.  Soft lenses come in a variety of materials and moisture content.  The different properties of each lens are what make each soft contact lens unique in how it may fit or feel on the eye.


Disposable Contact Lenses


Disposable contact lenses are soft lenses made of varying material having partial water content.  These are designed to be replace on a regular basis.  Lens replacement schedules range form one day to monthly.  The type of lens best for you will be based on the rate your eyes produce deposits, and the how the lenses are worn, as well as you needs.


Silicone/Hydrogel soft contact lenses


A silicone/hydrogel soft contact lens is a soft lens made form a material that incorporates silicone into the structure of the material.  This creates a polymer that allows more oxygen to pass through the lens.  This is important from the eye’s point of view.  The more diffusing through the lens creates a healthier environment for the surface of the eye.  This is important fi a contact lens is to be slept in overnight.


Astigmatism soft contact lenses


Newer technologies have just about perfected this type of lens.  They are very few people that won’t be able to wear contact lenses because of astigmatism.  These lenses have a special design that allows the lens to orient in a stable position on the eye.  This stability is important to allow an accurate correction of the astigmatism.


Gas Permeable contact lenses


These lenses are made form a stiff plastic to correct the vision.  This “rigidness”allows the contact lens to correct astigmatism more accurately.   This ability to correct astigmatism is the greatest advantage of the rigid lens, in that it will usually provide very crisp and detailed vision .  The adaption to wearing this lens may take longer due to the initial awareness it creates.


Bifocal Contact Lens


Bifocal contact lenses have come a long way in the last few years.  If you haven’t tried these in the last 2-3 years, you should consider these again.  Technology has improved the design of the lenses and more people than ever are benefitting from these new designs.  These lenses have both the distance and near correction combined together.  This allows the above “age 40" lens wearer to wear contact lenses for distance and not need reading glasses.  These may be available in both the soft and gasperm design.




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